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2020 - Who is She?!


Y'all, 2020. Who is she? 

Corona Virus.

Systemic Racism.

Black Lives Matter Revolution.




Holy shit. It's so much. But is it too much? And how do we cope?

Well, one word to start ..


Our brand, Pup Active, is built on the absolute Universal fact that life is better with dogs.

They ground us.

Remind us to stay present.

Keep us soft in an often cruel world.

Nudge us to stay active even if we want to stay in bed and hide all day.

Teach us the healing power of sunshine & fresh air over and over again.

Through dogs, we gain perspective & a true anchor through life's storms. Here at Pup Active, we aim to connect dog loving humans together through apparel that sparks conversation.

There are many people in our community that found us through commenting on someone wearing our gear. THIS is the goal of Pup Active & this is a big part of our WHY.

It is through community that we feel a sense of belonging in a world that seems to be falling apart at the seams. Without this, the world can feel overwhelming, confusing & wildly fucked up.

Stay the course. Hug dogs. Be in nature. Wear clothes that help you feel connected. Remember that we here at Pup Active are literally always here for you.


Lara Warn

Founder - Pup Active

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  • Our pups keep us connected to the simple joys, reminding us when life gets heavy, just wag it out, live unbothered and literally like everyday is the best day ever! It may not always be perfect or up to us, but we control how we respond, react and feel. Pupactive gear from last year: if in doubt be more Dog ✌🏻

    Heather Shortt

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