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SUP with your pup!

Top Five Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Pup

Pup Active founder offers up her Top Five Tips for Standup Paddling with Your Pup.

Spending time with your pup on a paddleboard is a BLAST and such a great way to continue your active lifestyle together. Check out the following five tips to ensure a successful paddle!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice. It will take some time for your pup to get the swing of how it feels to be on the board and, odds are, they’ll pick it up super quick and LOVE it in no time! Patience is key and remember, have fun and enjoy the process! This is such kick ass bonding time for you and your pup. Also, it’s important to practice falling of the board and to practice getting back on. This way, you and your pup know what to expect of each other and you have the opportunity to train your pup that it’s all cool and getting back on is a breeze.

  • Give your pup a pawdicure. Trimming your pup’s nails and hair between paw pads will help to keep your pup from slipping and, added bonus, reduces scratches on the board.

  • Pack up treats. Training and reinforcing proper behavior should be an ongoing process; paddleboarding is no different. Pack up a handful of your pup’s favorite treats and reward them for sitting on the board properly and keeping calm and relaxed  on the water.

  • Exercise young and energetic pups before paddling out. No matter how confident you may be with your pup on the board, young or energetic pups will have a hell of a time relaxing and keeping still on the board if they’ve got pent up energy. Play a game of fetch in the water or go for a swim before attempting to paddle out.

  • Prepare for landing. Pups often get excited when they see the shoreline or dock and you’ll want to anticipate a jump; just in case. To prepare for this, when you’re about 20 feet out, go ahead and get in the safety position and kneel down on the board. This will ease your pup’s mind and you’ll be prepared should they get excited and jump off the board.

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