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J Tails - Multi Level Dog Care Business


Pup Active LOVES to feature local businesses in our area to explain how they can benefit the life of you & your dog! 

This month, we're featuring J. Tails Barkyard & In Home Pet Care in St. Petersburg, FL. Below are words directly from the owner, Jessica.


I'm Jess and I am the owner of J.Tails. Before beginning the J.Tails adventure, I had been a vet tech, kennel attendant and managed a pet store. I then started J.Tails in 2014 with the goal to modernize in home pet care and make it more accessible to all. Since then, we have grown. We recently opened Barkyard in November, offering doggy daycare and boarding to St. Pete. So I
am here to give you some inside info on how to choose the best care for your pet!

In Home VS Daycare/Boarding

Let’s start off with some basics between in home pet care versus a facility, so you can best ascertain what is best for your pet. Sometimes, we allow our guilt to cause us to choose something that may not be the right fit for our pets.
In Home Pet Care’s biggest benefit is that it allows your pet to remain in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar surroundings and smell. It can include anything from simple daily walks during the work week to pet sitting visits or overnights in your home. This is a great option for dogs who may be older or anxious. You can hire a pet sitter to come as often as needed. We have pet parents who will schedule a long visit in the morning and then two 15
minutes for afternoon and evening. You can really tailor it to what your pet needs.

When choosing in home, you should always be aware of of the following -
• Insured
• Availability (Holidays, weekends, daily hours)
• How many walkers/pet sitters (the more the better)
• Services offered
• Communication (we are app based, so you get check in/out alerts, pictures and chat)
• Background checked
• How are the people trained
• How late can you book (We allow within 4 hours)
• Additional fees (multiple pets, same day booking, cancellation)

-Leave the leash and food in easy to find places.
-If you have a very anxious dog, limit how much roam of the house they have. Some dogs will
get stressed in large spaces, they feel like they have to be on guard. We have a kennel that our
dog is obsessed with, it’s her ‘safe’ space in the house and we have never used it for
-Leave multiple keys
-Have a nearby emergency contact, and update your vet with a card on file in case of emergency.

Doggy Daycare & Boarding is a wonderful option for high energy or social dogs!
Let’s start with Daycare. We had our staff trained by local dog training business Sit Happens to learn to support different play styles. So, whether your dog is a rough player or more casual the place you choose should understand both. In addition, you should be aware of how they handle difficult situations. Such as your dog being anxious, or too overwhelming. We have precautionary measures in place around the facility, such as air horns, water sprayers and penny cans. If a dog ever needs a time out, we ensure that is never more than 2 minutes and
not frequently. We rarely use a time out for dogs, instead we help try to prevent it getting to that phase with different forms of engagement. All of our boarding dogs are automatically in daycare. If your dog isn’t social, you will want to look at a place that has separate and low stress kennel areas for your dog. You will also want to inquire about how frequent your dog will go outside and if it will be on or off leash. Remember that dogs prefer den like spaces and familiar smells. So bring their bedding, and some busy toys to be kept in their kennel. It is also imperative to be aware of how you’re communicated with, are there daily report
cards? Or do you have webcams, if so are they inclusive?

Questions? Contact us!

J. Tails

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