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This photo was taken in August 2014.

One week before I hit rock bottom.

Based on this photo, it would appear that life was good & there were no worries.

One week later, I hit bottom and I wanted to die.

I am alive today because of the dog next to me in the photo. My Charlie Man.

Dogs are, in my experience, one of the best suicide preventions we could ask for in this life. 

Why are we talking about this? Well, for one, we neeeeeed to break the stigma of talking about mental health. We do this by continuing to talk openly about it.

And second, September is Suicide Prevention Month.

Dogs keep us grounded. Remind us of our worth. Refocus our priorities. 

How did we get so damn lucky have dogs?! Beats me, but PHEW.

Remember, you are not alone in this life. Even if your brain twists to make you believe that .. it isn't real. 

Breathe deep. Hang out with dogs. Watch how they live in the moment. Then practice living in the moment.

Do this over & over again until your brain stops fucking with you.

I love you guys BIG.

Thank you for being here & giving a shit about rescue, people & the world.

xo. Lara

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