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Starting Something New ..

Starting something new .. 

We talk alot about dogs & rescue with our brand, obvi, but I'm going to open the conversation a bit wider.

Every Monday, I'll be sending out an email that we're going to call, Monday Motivation.

Motivation for what, you ask?

Motivation to take up space, to connect with people & animals, to use your already big heart (which you definitely have since you're a dog person) to make the world a bit sweeter, fun & more kind.

Pup Active has become more than a clothing brand; we're a community. 

A community of big hearted, fun, compassionate, kind, playful people. 

A community of people and dogs who get it. 

How incredible is that?!

Life is long, but damn is does it go fast.

I've been given more and more reminders lately that our time isn't infinite. 

I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to move this to the next level. How to get this train to the place where I know it has the potential to go. 

I then realized that the answer is already here, of course. 

It's us, guys

It's us who continue the energy shift to bring awareness to rescue, to connect with like minded people and share the humor. As I was thinking about all of this, I realized that the word Pup in our business name is also an acronym for ..

Puppies Uniting People

Pretty perfect, isn't it?! 

Of course, people aren't our favorite (obvi) but about 95% of the incredible people I've met in my life came about because of dogs. 

Is this the case for you?

This week I'd like us all to shift our gaze a bit. Focus on bringing our Pup Active Big Dog Energy to your day, people & animals that you meet.

Life's too long to grudge about and it's too short to waste time.

Let's bring that BIG DOG ENERGY to the world. The big dogs that protect, serve, maybe look untouchable, but have the biggest hearts of them all.


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