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Why Dog Training is So Important

We have dog training experts on TV, dog trainers of various levels all around us, some who do training individually, some in groups, some at the home, some at a park, some at a facility. The list goes on and on when it comes to your dog and training. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why is dog training so important? Dog training is VERY important if you want a happy domestic dog.  If you don't mind having a neurotic, untamed, and not housebroken dog then training is not needed.  I, for one, would go crazy with a dog like that.

Many of us train our dogs without it seeming like "dog training."  When we potty train our dogs, it's considered training. Walking them on a leash, more training. Eating food out of a bowl, more training. You get my point; dog training comes in all forms. When it comes to the more advanced training like teaching a sit on command, come when called, walk on a loose leash and 'place', that is all done at the preference of the owner.  Those of us in the St Petersburg area live in very crowded dog filled communities. Having a well behaved dog is more of a necessity than a want.  Having a dog not pull on the leash, sit at street corners, and come when called are all things a dog needs to know for safety.  Many cars speed through the neighborhoods these days so stopping at the corner and having your dog wait to see if there are any cars can be the difference between a dog being hit by a car or the dog making it safely home without incident.  Having your front door open and being able to keep your dog inside is also a safety precaution.  Every dog needs to learn to not bolt out the door; even if it's open.

Dog training is important because it goes beyond keeping your sanity. It helps your dog learn how to be in a domestic household, helps the dog learn proper social manners, and helps the dog learn its role in the family they were adopted into.  Dogs don't speak our language and we don't speak dog, so we must communicate our expectations somehow.  By utilizing a professional dog trainer, not only can they help with the communication process, but you can also teach your dog what you want in terms of behavior during certain situations.  

In addition, having a dog walker or dog runner can help immensely with things like crate training, potty training, and being on a leash and eventually loose leash walking.  Giving your dog a mid day break while you are at work, it allows them to expel some of that pent up energy and use their brain. 

Dog training with a professional can only help and ease your frustration when doing various activities. With proper training, you can enjoy having your dog with you instead of feeling anxious or dread when outside of your home with your pup!

Written by - Elena Elwart


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