We celebrate PRIDE year 'round at Pup Active -- for starters, our founder is LGBTQIA+ and for all other reasons, we really dig that there are all sorts of humans in this world.

It's our differences & unique attributes that make us who we are -- just like with dogs.

We celebrate them for who they are, what they have survived & the unique characteristics that make them THEM.

Today & every single day, we celebrate the diversity amongst us humans. 

Here at Pup Active, you (and your dogs) can always sit with us!

Fact is, we love people & their unique stories -- have a seat.

Let's have a snack & talk about our dogs together!

In this design, we've incorporated silhouettes of different shapes & sizes of dogs in the colors of the PRIDE flag.

We added a pink collar to the blue dog to show our unwavering support of the Trans community. 

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