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"What Would Harvey Partridge Do" 
Dr. Partridge passed away with his wife, Pat Patridge, in a tragic plane crash on Sunday, October 19, 2019 while flying them to NC. He was an experienced pilot. 
Dr. Partridge was the veterinarian you dream of - smart, intuitive, incredible bed side manner, funny & always willing to go the extra mile for his patients and their parents. 
His staff ask themselves WWHPD when in situations. When talking to good friends of Pup Active, who are also on his staff, we realized that this phrase can help to guide us all in life in general.
Dr. P (or Harv) was a SOLID gold human. He took care of those around him, knew how to have fun and LIVED a solid life. May we all take time to consider WWHPD when we're unsure of how to proceed or need a reminder of which way to go.
Rest easy, Dr. P. We miss you beyond measure.
We'll be donating profits from these shirts to Manatee County Animal Services. 
A rescue that Dr. P worked with last - a pit mix was abandoned near his home in Tierra Ciea, FL. The dog, named Georgia, had a chicken bone wedged in her mouth. He immediately put her in his truck, took her to his clinic and spent HOURS working on her. He had to remove an extensive amount of teeth to remove the bone. Then spay her. Then vaccines. The works. He saved her.
She was recently adopted and has her whole life in front of her.
Because of Dr. P. 
PS - Georgia was on the clinic patient board the morning he brought her in as "Harv's Friend".
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