Sustainable Practices

The fashion industry is pretty nasty for our planet.

Fabrics that are worn for brief periods that have a massive carbon footprint to create & then taking a gagillion years to break down after they're discarded.

We do things a little different by sourcing more responsibly.

We partner with manufacturers that utilize REPREVE & rPET to produce their fabrics which means the shirts you're wearing from us are made from plastic water bottles & other recyclables.

We've also added an option for you to add a small charge to your order to make it carbon neutral. You can offset the carbon footprint of manufacturing and shipping your order!

Your contribution will help fund the Tri-City Forest Project, which protects a spruce forest in Massachusetts that captures over 100,000 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide each year.

We're not like other e-commerce brands and THIS is something that we consider a GOOD thing.

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