Be Like Betty Sticker

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Be Like Betty - Sticker

3" x 2.86" HIGH QUALITY vinyl sticker

Waterproof, sun safe, dishwasher safe

In an interview a handful of years back, Betty said that she didn't really like the word "advocate" when it came to her lifelong support for animals.

She preferred the word friend. 🤟🏽

That gives the Golden Girls tag line a whole new vibe, doesn't it?! ✨

Today, we're releasing our newest design inspired by our friend, Betty.

The goal of this collection is to raise money for our animal friends, respect Betty's recent passing while providing us all a way to rally together in our love for her to honor her INCREDIBLE life.

We've pulled together seemingly small details, but it turns out, they aren't so small after all. 

We've printed these on a perfect WHITE background to honor her last name.

The print is the color taupe - Betty's favorite color. 

For every sticker sold, we will be donating $1 to animal rescue initiatives.

Depending on the amount raised, this may mean multiple rescues.

As this project grows, we'll keep everyone updated.

We love you, Betty.

We strive to be more like you every day.


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