BLOCK-HEAD - Unisex Tee

Product image 1BLOCK-HEAD - Unisex Tee
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BLOCK-HEAD - Unisex Tee

In October we learned of @spcatampabay partnership with two commercial breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills. 

They have announced their plans to accept retired "working dogs", as they called them, but they were not working -- they were held captive and forced to breed.

They'll also be accepting unwanted puppies that cannot be sold.

As if this isn't harmful enough -- it's also happening during a nationwide shelter crisis where dogs are being euthanized at an accelerated rate due to lack of resources and overpopulation.

While all animal lives are important & valuable, this is a blatant disregard for the shelter animals in the immediate area by a non-profit rescue group.

Martha Boden, SPCA Tampa Bay CEO, was quoted saying,

"Nothing against the block-headed dogs, we love them just as much as anyone else. But bringing in dogs and puppies like Pomeranians, ShiTzus - you know - the dogs that the public really wants to adopt, will help bring more people to our shelter, and really that's what it's all about, isn't it?"

As seen in The New Barker 10/05/23 story "An Unsavory Partnership? You Decide"

In my volunteer work with @petpalanimalshelterstpete I have transported dogs to their shelter from high kill shelters & have witnessed and made eye contact with the death row dogs awaiting their fate.

It's absolutely heartbreaking in every way & rips me to absolute shreds every time.

But I will continue to volunteer & continue to break my own heart until this shelter crisis is over.

The first way that we always think of to raise awareness & funds for a cause is to create a new shirt design.

So, that's what we've done.

TEAM BLOCKHEAD tees & hoodies are now available our online shop and at checkout, you'll be able to choose which rescue group you'd like the donation to go to.

$7 for every tee & $10 for every hoodie will go to the rescue group you choose.

This story is still developing with SPCA Tampa Bay and we will continue to watch closely. As a local, I'm especially sick over this since my soul dog & the founder of our brand, Charlie Man, was adopted from them in 2006.

We have supported, advocated & donated heavy to this group for many years -- now, all trust is broken.

Special thanks to Anna Cooke, Editor of The New Barker, for bravely bringing this important story to light. 

Pup Active ORIGINAL designed in Sunny St. Pete, FL

Front Print - Blacks

Back Print - Blank

.: Made with 100% soft cotton
.: True to Size - size up for an oversized fit


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