Life is Better with Queso

This week, we're featuring Queso & Aubrey Johansen.

Aubrey is the food creative & chef extraordinaire behind @thatswhatsheeats - she and her wife, Megan, living that Rescue Dog Mom AF life in Cleveland, Ohio

“I first met Queso when we were at the APL looking to meet another dog.

We walked past her, she was on a cot healing from a surgery. She lifted her head and peeked up at us, limped off her bed, and wobbled over to the window. I asked to see her but they said she was healing and wasn’t up for adoption.
A few weeks later, stalking their app daily like a normal person, I saw her name pop up, “Sugar Baby”. I gave them a call to schedule a meeting with her, but she had just been put on hold, by another gay couple actually - looks like she was destined to have two moms! 
Pup Active
The couple had until the end of the day to come get her, and if not, we could show up first thing tomorrow morning. Luck was on our side, and we headed in bright and early the next day to meet her! 
Queso was in a long line of little shelter cubes, and she was just squirreled up in a cute little cozy ball, and when we approached her, she so quietly wobbled over to us to say hello. While the shelter isn’t quite sure what happened, her back femur was broken when they found her, and they did a surgery to repair with pins, and then once her leg healed, they removed the pins - leaving her with the leg intact, but unusable.
If you have the pleasure of knowing her, she whips her little peg leg around in the cutest little way when she walks. I tease and say she looks like every woman in the summer, doing that “yank your shorts down” walk! When she lays she looks like a little rotisserie chicken with her little peg leg hanging out straight.
Anyways - it was such a click. She was so sweet and gentle, and her eyes- don’t get me started. Her ears look like a scene out of Lilo & Stitch, she loves to be covered in a blanket, and she never lays anywhere without a pillow under her head. She’s just the sweetest girl - and after some food name deliberations, we settled on Queso. She is pretty cheesy (smiley!)!
3 years later, and Queso is now 5, and has lived in Ohio and now Florida. She loves her Cat Brother, Chip, and meeting other dogs to play with.
Pup Active Thats What She Eats
Queso is literally the joy of my life. She’s my first dog I’ve had as an adult. If you have ever felt like an animal is a soul mate, that’s exactly how I feel about her.
She’s made me a better person, a more responsible, caring, and gentle human. She’s such a special rescue, and little black & white pitty mixes will forever hold a special part in my heart. I can’t wait for all the memories to come with my furry best friend!”
**Since this blog has been published, Aubrey & Megan have added to their family - check out Aubrey's Instagram to meet Pearl!**
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