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I definitely consider myself one of the lucky ones.  My name is Meghan and I am a personal trainer and yoga instructor.  I am blessed to be my own boss.  My husband is the general manager of two bars so he works constantly.  Because of my job flexibility, I take our beautiful two and a half year old rescue pit bull mix girl, Rowan, on most of her walks. 

Despite it being fucking hot in Tampa, FL, our walks (and snuggles) are my favorite parts of the day.  I watch her stick her boop snoot straight in the air to take in all the smells.  Her tail begins to wag as she sees another hooman walking towards her, which in true pit form, turns into an entire wag of the lower half of her body.  And just like that, any stress of the day melts away as I take a note from Rowan and take in the fresh air. 

Rowan is a big girl, about 75lbs of solid muscle. Which was a surprise to us having been told by the rescue that they guesstimated she’d be about 60lbs!  Ha!  But, I’m 5 foot and about 120lbs of muscle (with well placed fat 😉) so we’re pretty much twins!  Since Rowan still has her puppy energy and we live in an apartment, we try to take her to a local dog park almost everyday (once the heat index drops).  She sprints after her ball or wrestles with another big dog.  Her big pit smile stretches across her entire face.  And again, I’m reminded to take in the simple things.

Sundays are for the dogs.  My husband and I try to make sure we have Sunday’s off work so we can go on adventures with Rowan!  We hop in my Jeep…well not hop…even though Rowan is big enough to jump into the Jeep, she’s a princess and requires us to lift her up into the vehicle (insert eye roll with a laugh). 

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We drive to a dog park, a dog beach, or when it was cooler out, go on a long walk on a trail.  Recently, we’ve started kayaking with Rowan.  She was NOT about getting into the kayak at first, but once she realized she was safe, she settled down.  Wearing her turquoise and pink life jacket, she lays down in the kayak while her mommy and daddy do all the hard work.  Her arm dips into the water as we cruise along allowing the cool ocean to move through her fur.  She could practically fall asleep on the kayak she’s so calm and relaxed.  Once more, I’m prompted to slow down and be present in these special moments.

Pup Active

I live an active life, constantly on the move.  We’re very lucky that Rowan loves to be active too.  Just like every dog parent, we work hard to give our dog the best life that she deserves.  She finds joy and excitement around every corner.  She provides comfort and unconditional love. 

In this fast paced life, with so many uncertainties, and so many changes that need to be made, let’s all live a little more like dogs.  Find moments to slow down during the day to take in the little things.  Create joy and excitement.  Love unconditionally. 

And just like the founder of Pup Active says “Be More Dog.”

- Meghan Do

For more info about Meghan, yoga & personal training and her life in Tampa, FL - check out her Instagram page @megfitforlife



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  • Loved this post! Hudson & I love Rowan and Meg ❤️❤️❤️

    Stefanie Marrs
  • My 2 fave girls in the world!! 🔥🔥

    Tony Do
  • Rowan is such a pretty girl!

    Jessica Papa

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